December 3, 2011

Tree Skirt Finished

The tree skirt turned out exactly how I wanted.  I am so pleased!!  The little Sawtooth Stars I wanted around the skirt became a bit to tedious, so I decided to do just trees. I was not disappointed with the skirt like I feared I might be getting rid of the stars.  I haven't incorporated pink into my tree yet, but the greens and reds match perfectly. I hope to add some pink to the tree this year to finally tie in what I have around the rest of the house.  Here are the results:

Forgive the wrinkles... I hadn't pressed it yet.  I was too excited to get pictures of the skirt taken. I used linen for the top and I used a heavy denim for the back.  There is a thin layer of batting between both.  I used jelly rolls for the border and cut them every 8 to 10 inches or so.  I am still trying to understand how to do binding and didn't want to ruin my skirt. So I attached the jelly rolls to the linen and then sewed the end of the jelly rolls to the jean layer.  I then did the magical sew all the way around and leave an opening trick.  Then pulled through the whole skirt and pressed.  Once I get this binding thing down, my crafts should really pick up!!  I covered two big buttons and used some cute bias tape that I had to make the loops.  I scored with the trees. I found a scrap of fabric with the trees all over it that I think I bought about 3 years ago.  I just cut the trees out and then used a decorative stitch to attach the trees to the linen.

Overall, this is the second tree skirt I have made.  The other skirt was for a friend. I eyeballed everything - no pattern, so I am pretty proud of myself.


  1. Wow! This is beautiful. I love the colors you used and I think your binding looked pretty good too!

  2. I love that Tree Skirt! It's so cute, you did such a great job! I have been wanting to make my own tree skirt, maybe I'll make one for next year. I just popped over from the Japanese x and + swap. I cant wait to get started, i think its going to be so much fun. Im following you now and i can't wait to check out more of your blog. I hope your having a fantastic day!
    January T

  3. What a lovely tree skirt! Great way to bring it all together. Maybe next year I'll make a new one. Thanks for sharing!


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