December 27, 2011

Itote Completed

Have you been on Craftsy yet?  I have and I am loving the workshops and classes that are being offered.  I signed up for a workshop to make an "Itote" made by the crafty StitcheryDickoryDock.  Here is what the project looks like:

What makes the workshop so nice is you can ask questions anytime.  It was like taking a class locally, except I could stay in my pajamas and the cost of the class was WAY AFFORDABLE.  I had some problems with my pockets (I was trying to hurry and finish so I could take my tote with me over Christmas - when will I learn not to hurry projects??).  My pockets are slightly crooked, but really at the end of the day - I am the only one who notices the not perfectly lined pockets.  Here is my Itote:

I used outfoxed and AMH as my main fabrics for the tote. I love how the purples turned out.  You could do any type of quilting on the back of the tote. I decided to do a simpler form of the star bursts that are found on the AMH fabric on the flaps of my pockets.  It may not be 100% perfect, but I love this tote.  I put my Nook in the zipper section, my Iphone in one pocket and my camera fits perfectly in the other pocket.  I can carry everything when travelling so much easier. 

You have lifetime access to the class and can make the tote at your own pace.  Check out Craftsy and see what you like!

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  1. I've never heard of Craftsy - thanks for showing it to me!


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