June 2, 2008

Items From My New Treasure Chest

Here are some of the awesome finds I discovered yesterday:

A Buttonholer - how cool is that?

Pattern Weights

Boxes of Patterns

The girl matches my pin up girls

Gingher Scissors

And my favorite - I am assuming she used this to turn or push out corners and such. Funny!!!

I also found some fabric, vintage tablecloths (all stained) and some older aprons. I am laundering those now. I found tons of buttons, rick rack, bias tape, zippers, old cookbooks, and more. I am so excited to start using some of my new supplies. You may see many items appearing in my next few projects. I am also going to sell some of the patterns that I don't plan to use. Watch for details to purchase any of those you might be interested in!


  1. Wow. I must say that I would kill for that hand...

  2. I have a buttonholer like that, way cool.

  3. Ya know, when you go through Granma's stuff you don't normally expect to see 'ye old middle finger' looking at cha! hahahahaha!

    What a gold mine...neat stuff! pattern weights? WOW!

  4. As your mother, I say you deserve time out for posting a picture of "the hand". (Just kidding...it was something I wasn't expecting though.)


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