June 1, 2008

Treasure Chest

Just a quick post to let you know that we spent today at my husband's grandmother's trailer clearing out TONS of stuff. She lives in a skilled nursing facility so my MIL has been cleaning her mother's trailer out. Today I found a treasure chest of yummy sewing stuff. Can't wait to share with you. I am SO tired from the day, so tomorrow evening I will post some of the great finds I discovered. Hopefully by Wednesday I will have some patterns for sale that I located out there. Some from the 60's and 70's it looks like. Can't wait to share the great finds! Check back tomorrow.

A quick note for those concerned about the naming of my monster I won (I am sure many of you can't sleep at night wondering what I was going to name him!!): we came up with a name. I wanted to use something that had to do with Obama - so we took the title of his book: Audacity of Hope. I chose Audacity and my husband so smartly shortened it to Audi. So - his name is Audi!


  1. audi is a cutey!!!

    ok, you're in to the russian doll swap! I'll send out info soon. I;m so excited to see what everyone makes, there's a heap of different types of crafter, so it should be fun!

  2. good name....I can't see naming a boy sock monster Hope.......:-)


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