June 30, 2008

Swap Partners, A Winner, Ruffles, and My First Dress

Swap partners have been emailed!!! Please take a second to check them over. I already sent one person their own info (hee hee). Thanks so much for all of you taking part in a swap on my blog. I am truly touched that so many people wanted to be involved.

Now to what you are really waiting for................ the winner of that fabulous fabric!!! Thank you all so very much for posting on your blog about the swap. The reason so many people are participating is because of YOU!!! So the winner.........randomly drawn................ is CHRISTY H!! Congrats Christy! I am going to the post office at the end of the week and your fabric will be in the mail to you then! Thanks again to everyone. This swap was democracy at it's best :)

Some other exciting news: I am sewing my first dress ever for my niece (she's two) and it is almost done. Here is a preview of what I have completed so far:

I still have to add two pink buttons and put the facing on the inside and then the dress will be complete!! I am making a small one to put on her bear that I have made her too. I hope to mail it out this week. I will post pics later if we get any of her opening the gift!

I also received more ruffles in with my fabric scrap swap partner Shawnee. How exciting!! I love ruffles. I would put ruffles on everything if I could get away with it. Well, that and tulle. Guess I like girly things! Look at all of my goodies:

Okay - now everyone start working on those totes. I can't wait to see what all of you come up with!


  1. What an adorable dress! I love the color combo. :D

  2. That dress is way too cute. I'm with you on the ruffle thing. Love to put them on clothes!!

  3. Are we supposed to post TOTE pictures anywhere??


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