July 27, 2008

Some Progress This Weekend.......

......was made!!! I still have tons of work to do this week to complete all of my swaps and I am still needing to sew all of my skirts for vacation. Busy Busy!!! All free time is going to be spent in the craft room the next couple of weeks! Here are some of the items I completed this weekend:
A Family Tank Top (For vacation):

I found these adorable iron on patches at JoAnn and had to make a family shirt to wear on vacation. You can see me, the husband, the cat and dog. Our happy family!!!

Barrette Holders:

I still need to make the barrettes, but the cases are ready to go. I can't wait to make the barrettes!

Gnome Messenger Bag (by Sew Liberated):

The last bag I made frustrated me so bad that I had sworn off making bags again. Of course, I am now hosting a tote swap and I made the Messenger Bag. I cannot stress enough what a joy this pattern is to make. It took awhile to cut out, but once you get started, you just can't believe how simple it is. Plus, she did a bang up job of putting pictures next to the directions. If you do not own this pattern, you must purchase one. Fantastic! One made - two more to go.
Jack's Pillowcase:
My best friend's son is just about the cutest kid I have ever known. He is four and half and SO smart. He loves planes, jets, and knows many of them by name (I told you he was smart). I found this packet of materials bundled together at a favorite fabric shop of mine, Cabbage Rose. I snatched it up and made the pillowcase in 15 mins. No joke! You must make one as well. So easy! I hope he loves it! It was supposed to be in the mail like a week ago. It will be this week!
Still to make:
2 Messenger bags
3 aprons
Vacation clothes
Bart's Ukulele shirt
Two tote bags
Whoa! I guess I better hit the hay if I am going to survive the next couple of weeks. Having my own wardrobe on vacation though........priceless! Wait until you see my shirt for our anniversary! I am making one similar to our family shirt. I got the approval from the husband (don't want to embarrass the man!!!). See photos this week!!!


  1. Jack will LOVE LOVE LOVE that pillowcase. We went to a remote control air show this weekend and after about 30 minutes he looks up at me and asks: "no jets?!" That bag turned out so cute...I will have to break down and get the pattern!

  2. Yowza! You certainly have been busy! I can't wait to see your skirts!

  3. Sounds like you have a busy week! Those barrette holders look great! I love them...I think I'll need to do something similar to clean up our hair tie mess!

  4. Wow you have accomplished a lot this week end!!
    Love the irons you put on the T-shirt too cute..

  5. everything is so CUTE! I love the messenger bag. I have the pattern but keep putting it off....

  6. I saw the barettes in the Sew Simple magazine while thumbing through it at the store, but didn't realize that there was a pattern for the holder, too! I guess I should have bought it.

  7. You've been busy! Everything looks great! I hope you have lots of sewing time to get everything done before your vacation. Please keep sharing the pictures with us so we can see the great stuff you're creating!


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