February 8, 2009

A Giveaway, A Swap, A Retreat Idea and One More Day!

1. It looks like Fat Quarters won out for a mini swap theme! I will post sign ups on here on Tuesday (my next day off!!!!)

2. I have one more day of training to complete for my new job and then I can slowly come back to the land of sewing and crafting. My blog has been so sad without photos of projects I have been completing! I hope to get some new photos up by Tuesday evening. I have at least 2 aprons to post!!

3. My dear, sweet friend Frankenpug is hosting a giveaway!! She has delightful little pugs and she is such a WONDERFUL friend..........SO - get on over to her blog and join in her giveaway. Let's get her a ton of entries!! Don't make me come to your house and rough you up (wink!).

4. Get those scraps in the mail - they are due to be mailed by tomorrow!!!!

5. I am kicking around the idea of renting a cabin for a weekend and hosting a little fun weekend to sew. I am thinking about some place beautiful (like CO!). I know this would exclude many people, but if I decide to rent one say in like June - would anyone else be mildly interested??? Just kicking around some thoughts! Leave a comment if anyone is interested! How fun to finally meet some of you face to face!!


  1. I think it would be such a fun idea to rent a cabin and get to meet so many people face to face. I cant say for sure, due to money issues, but please keep me in mind and I will know when the time gets closer.

  2. I think that is a great idea! I don't know if I could get to CO...quite a jaunt from the midwest, but still a fun idea. Keep me posted:)

    Thanks for blogging about my giveaway!

  3. You know I'm in...maybe Buffalo River (or that cabin you and Bart stayed in) might be more do-able for midwesterners...but you know nothing will keep me from CO!

  4. Love the idea, maybe, it would be a great excuse to get away, keep us updated


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