February 12, 2009

Projects.... I really do sew!!


My scraps on their way to Denmark!!! It was so much fun to clean out my stash. Can't wait to see what I get in return!!!

An apron I owed my dear friend Aunt Pitty Pat! Hope she loves it!

I was able to use my labels I received from my husband for Christmas on two of my projects!

My apron I received from the Amy Butler Apron Swap! It's cute, isn't it? I love it!

The apron I made for my partner in the Amy Butler Apron Swap!

The whole apron! I love how the apron turned out and I hope my partner does too!
I also made 16 hearts for a heart swap, but I forgot to take a picture before I mailed them. I am getting 16 hearts back, so I will take a photo then!

Now on to my Amy Butler Weekender Bags full time now!


  1. Hi Tracey!
    That stash mountain looks wonderful - I cannot wait to dive into it all.
    I just hope my scraps will justify that pile :D

    I guess today truly IS my lucky day :)I also got the news that 2 lovely books have been posted from Amazon. Woot!

  2. I could not stand it any longer.. since you said you blogged about my apron... I had to peek. I love it..... its wonderful.. I can't wait to see it in person!!!!! I know it will be wonderful and very useful for me. Since I do sew a lot and its a craft apron. Thank you Tracey... Your a doll to hold the drawing for this apron to inform others of breast cancer awareness month. It is a real issue for all of us women. Not just those over 40.

  3. You did a great job on the aprons. Glad you are getting to get some sewing done...your life will get back to normal soon...hang in there!

  4. Cute aprons ... did you make the pink or the green Amy Butler? Both are adorable!

  5. Tracey, How's the Valentine apron doing? Did you like the punker pendant? Now you're on the spot and you have to say "yes."
    BTW girlfriend...You've been tagged!

  6. Fab aprons! I'm inspired. What a terrific stack of scraps.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)


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