February 1, 2009

Hello from Florida!

Look what came in the mail to me!!! This lovely apron was made by Betty for the Sassy/Flirty Apron Swap. I received a call from home while I am here in Florida to tell me I had received a package and now I CANNOT wait to get home!! Head over to Betty's blog and check out how cute her blog is!

I have had a blast in Florida so far. I started training today and I am learning so much already. I have been around on some of the islands and I went digging for seashells with my husband. Digging for seashells was my favorite thing!!! I come home late Wednesday evening and I start another 4 days of training once being home. THEN - I can focus on some major sewing projects (2 AB weekender bags!!!). I am almost done with a Amy Butler Apron that is due for a swap and my scraps will go out next weekend too!

Thanks for being patient as there has not been as many photos of projects lately. Once I get this job under my belt a bit more I will be able to work sewing back in to a time slot!!

I will be posting some FL photos later this week too. Happy sewing and have a happy week!


  1. That's a gorgeous apron. Lucky you! Hunting for seashells is such fun. I bet you found some real pretty ones too.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. what a precious apron.....enjoy Florida!


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