May 30, 2008


After such a tough week around here, I thought it might be fun to do something that would brighten my weekend. What a better way to kick off the weekend than learning more about my friends. When I have tough weeks, I recall a compliment that was given to me back when I was in college. I was speaking with a man who I respected so very much professionally and personally and he shocked me by saying something that has stayed with me always.

He said, " Do you know who you remind me of? Gilda Radner. You are that funny!"

What a compliment. Gilda Radner! Are you kidding me?? Love it! When I feel like I can't do another thing or I am too scared - I remind myself - "I wonder what Gilda would have said?" So - let's keep the fun going and make my weekend better -

WHAT WAS THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU EVER RECEIVED ABOUT ANYTHING?? (could be you, your cooking, your crafts - anything!!!)


  1. What a fun post. Sorry about your rough week.
    The best complement I have ever had was from my friend Donna after the death of my son she brought some dinner over and told me that I was handling his death with the grace of Jacqueline Kennedy.

    When I have my rough days I remember that complement and I think I can handle any thing if I do it with grace.

  2. The best compliments I ever receive are when people tell me I must have done a great job as a parent because you turned out as good as you are!

  3. I'm so sorry about your week. What a great way to make it better!
    The best compliment I've rec'd is one my husband gave me just last week. Offhandedly I asked him what one word described me. His answer: lovely. I was stunned. My DH is very quiet and says little, so to get that answer so quickly was wildly flattering. ;)

  4. My best compliment is from my friends that always comment on my daughters. I'm always told that they are "wonderful, personable and confident. You and Rick did a good job bringing them up."

  5. My best compliments come from my children (who are in their twenties) when they tell me that i'm a good mom (now that one has a child of her own) and that i did a good job raising them, that they are appreciative of what i've done for them and that they are proud of me. It blesses my heart any time i hear it!

  6. years ago I was awaiting my son's birth and was walking the mall to induce labor. After eating in a diner, I got up to leave. As I walked away, an older man who had been eating approached me and said I was the most beautiful pregnant woman he'd ever seen. I was so stunned. I've never felt beautiful in my life.

  7. When I was in labor with my daughter my nurse & doctor commented that I was one of the most peaceful moms in labor they've ever seen...I always think--if I could pull off peaceful during that, I can do it ANYTIME!

  8. When my oldest son was 2 or 3 he used to think the pictures in the Victoria Secret catalog were me, He would point to them and say mommy.....hey, I'll take it!!!

  9. My compliment came from my own mother. My Mom and I had a very tough relationship when I was growing up. I was a horrible child! 3 kids are all grown
    (20's and 30's) and about 5 years ago, Mom told me that she wished I had been the Mother first, before her, so she could have learned from me since she thinks I raised my kids so well and really admired my mothering!!! I was speechless. High praise coming from my own mother!!

  10. I, too, am sorry for your terrible week. I hope this next one is 10 times better!

    The first thing that comes to mind is someone telling me how polite and well-mannered my kiddos(8 & 4) are. Makes me feel I'm doing a good job, especially on the tough, whiny, fussy days we have.

    I heard a good quote a few years ago and I forget who said it, but it can pertain to most anything:

    Progress, not perfection.


  11. I love reading all the positive things people have said!! It's a great way to cheer oneself up after a trying day/week. I am SO going to remember this idea!

    ps: You've been tagged!! :D

  12. Compliments are tough to remember, since I always brush them aside. Normal for most, but we really should savor those things ... it can be God speaking and ministering to us through others.

    I have a dear friend who's my cheerleader and she always tells me how sweet I am and so generous to others. That's nice to hear.

    And you, Tracey .. thank you for taking a tough week and turning it into a sweet experience for us all. You've a caring friend.

    Big hugs from Oregon-

  13. I get a compliment evry single day when my daughter tells me I'm the best mom!

  14. I received a funny compliment this past weekend from my husband.
    I flew to Birmingham for 3 days to help his mother move into a new house and left my husband with our two little ones.
    I called him on the way home from the airport to check in, and he said, "I think I need to take out a larger life insurance policy on you. I don't think what we have will cover it if you're dead!"
    Those were the nicest words I've heard in awhile!
    Great post - thanks!


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