July 26, 2008

Grab A Snack... I Have A Ton Of Updates!!!

Finally finished my Russian Doll Swap project ( a week late!) for Trash in the UK. I tried a couple different things, but ended up loving a tote bag best.

Can you believe my partner already finished her softie for me? She is good!! She said she spent awhile wondering what to do and then she came up with this:

A cowboy hat! How cute? My dog keeps eyeing the hat, like it is a new toy. Got my eye on that dog!!!
Here are the fabrics I have selected for my partner for the Hittin the Trail Swap hosted by my great friend YarniGras! :

I plan to hopefully finish this apron early this week! I will post some pics when finished!


I selected the bag I wanted to make from the beginning and finally chose the fabrics to use. I plan to make this bag for myself as well for vacation! Here is the bag I plan to make twice!!!


I received some fat quarters and thread from my partner this week. Check out my cute fabrics!


My vacation is only a few weeks away and I have selected quite the challenge for myself! I want to make my own skirts and a couple shirts for vacation. I haven't really started yet, so we will see how far I can get before we depart in mid August for San Francisco, Yosemite and Disneyland! Wish me luck. Here are some of the plans I have:

Some of the fabrics I am using to make skirts and a dress

Iron on stickers to make two shirts

The material I am using to make a Ukulele shirt. Can't wait to show you that one!

I am making a bag for myself, my mom, and my friend Keli for the trip!

I am making myself and Keli some barrettes and a carrier. Fun! This is in the latest Sew Simple magazine designed by Amy Karol from the Angry Chicken!! Check it out!

I still have some more updates, but I don't want to overload you. Plus, I need to head out to my sewing meeting. Check back later this weekend and week for more updates. I am on a sewing quest for the next several weeks!


  1. yeah...your baccccccccckkkkk!

    I love EVERYTHING you have made or have pulled together to make! I am DYING to make the messenger bag too. I have the pattern but haven't made it yet. I've started on my Christmas presents...maybe after that I'll make ME something!

  2. Holy Moly.
    You are making me look bad. I am so bummed I missed out on Val's swap...sounds like fun. Can't wait to see how your trip wardrobe turns out!

  3. You're going to be busy getting ready for vacation! I can't wait to see what you make! I love the gnome messenger bag. I want to make a messenger bag for myself to take to school this fall.


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