July 28, 2008

More Vacation Clothes

These are the last of the simple vacation clothes. The rest will take some thought and some major sewing. These required a little less. Well, the ukulele shirt was sewn..... so I guess I am warming up! Here are my two shirts I worked on tonight:

Our 8th anniversary is August 19th (I can't believe I have been married so long - crazy!). We will be at Disneyland that day. I wanted to make something special to celebrate our day. My skirt I am making is a red satin material with white dots (made me think of minnie mouse). So I made this shirt to wear with that skirts:

The other shirt I made this evening was for my husband. He has started playing the ukulele (lessons are coming soon - thank goodness. As hard as he plays for me - I still can't hear the songs he is playing!!). I wanted to make him a shirt he could wear broadcasting how cool ukuleles were, and here is what I made for him!!!

I put ukulele on the back because I was afraid people would ask him about his guitar shirt!!! He looks pretty cute in it. Greta had to model tonight because he was at work! The shirt looks better with no breasts in the way!!!!! (hee hee)

On a humorous note, as I was working hard on the shirts, I noticed my cat has a new role in the family........ the ukulele guard. Is anyone else creeped out by how the case looks like a small coffin? I am making him a case to carry his ukulele around town in, hopefully in the next month or two!

I am pleased with my progress and hope to keep the sewing going!! See you tomorrow with more - I am sure!!!


  1. Batley is just making sure you don't hide it from Dad!

  2. You are doing a great job! What are those cute shirt decals from JoAnns called? I want to go get some.

    Also I have 2 black cats and they are the best. Love to see a black cat.

  3. Okay, those tanks are way too cute. I really must pay more attention to iron on patches. It's not like I have a sweater box full of them or anything...

  4. you can use the ukelele case for halloween! hahaha!
    Love the guitar...oops...ukelele shirt! I wondered why the applique was so high on it....good thing you mentioned the BOOBS. I was cryin'
    too fun!
    the t's are fun too! good job!

  5. How cute! Love them!

  6. Love the tank tops. I have a great guide to Disneyland...do you already have one? Let me know I'll send it your way.

  7. Great shirts! You definitely need to make a case for the ukulele. Though I wonder how your kitty will feel about a new case. He seems attached!
    Happy anniversary!

  8. Hey, haven't stopped by in awhile. Like the ukelele shirt and your cat looks just like my cat, Jack! Have fun on vacation - I looovved SanFrancisco! :)

  9. Oh, in case you are looking for ideas how to make the case...I made a carrying case for my dance shoes by covering the box they came in with fabric and added a handle. I posted it on craftster.org You can find it under topics started by profile (efran) if you want to see it.


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