July 10, 2008

Suggestions Needed!!!

I have seen people before who sew such wonderful items that they get ideas from Japanese books and etc. Do any of you have a site you find those books on or do you know any blog that offers some information? I would love to get my hands on some - but I just don't know where or what I even need to look for. Thanks for any of your suggestions!

I should have photos of some projects up next week. We are headed home to Tulsa this weekend to see the Phantom of the Opera. I can't wait!!! It is a quick visit home but totally worth it! I will try to not overload you all next week with photos. The next couple of weeks should be fun. I am going to be starting on some major projects in a few weeks. I am going to try and make all my skirts and pants for vacation. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I have a ton of sewing projects to fit in within a month!!! Whew!


  1. I saw the Phantom of the Opera years ago in San Francisco. But I'm such a dummy sometimes, a local travel agency organzied a bus trip to take us to SF and when I got off the bus I had left my sunglasses on and my regular glasses on the bus. I had to watch the whole thing in the theater with my sunglasses on! I hope you enjoy, I did, even in the dark...lol

  2. Have a great time! There are some great Japanese Craft Books on Etsy, here is a search link for you with tons of cute books!!


  3. Okay, that link didn't go all the way through, so just click HERE

    If this doesn't work, just go to Etsy, search supplies:tags, titles and enter Japanese Sewing Book http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search_type=tag_title_supplies&search_query=japanese+sewing+book

  4. also...eBay, google and Amazon. With google, simply put a comma between each and every word and then begin narrowing it down. I can find ANYTHING on google doing it this way.
    When I put the following in:
    sewing, japanese, books
    lots popped up...several from blogs like angry chicken, etc and ebay.

    good luck!

  5. Thanks for all the leads girls!!!

  6. ebay and etsy - those are the places that spring to mind for me with craft books. There's a place in New York, but that's no good to you, is it?!

  7. Crafting Japanese (blog) is a good source. There are links to different craft books and to bloggers who have made stuff from them. http://huangfamily.com/craftingjapanese/
    Have a great trip!

  8. Jessica, over at How About Orange, does a lot of Japanese crafts and posts tutorials! Here's the link:


    Here's a specific link:


    Hope this helps! :)


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