July 31, 2008

I am addicted to making buttons!!

I am making barrettes like Amy Karol's listed in this month's Sew Simple. I have always steered clear of covered buttons because they seemed so difficult to make. Especially when someone says to buy a button kit. How expensive is that going to be? Guess what...... it isn't and it is so easy to do - so easy in fact that all I want to do now is make covered buttons. I have taken some photos to show you how easy it is, and I will download them tomorrow (bedtime is calling my name - tonight is my late work night!). Everyone must run out and get the kit (you can get it at JoAnn - hee hee) and start making buttons immediately.

Since I mentioned JoAnn - my last day is August 14th. So sad! The good news is that I am requesting a leave of absence for the fall semester and will return in the spring (yay!!!). I have to do 400 hours at an agency here in town for my first round of internship for school. So add in classes at school, working at an agency, my other job, and sewing - Sept to Dec is going to be busy!!! I will only get to sew on the weekends (BOOOO!!!). However, what a joy to be able to keep my foot in the door at JoAnn.

Okay - off to bed. Photos coming tomorrow to show you how easy covering a metal button really is!

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