July 17, 2008

Overcoming the Plague and Frustration!!!

The plague has left the house. My eating preferences have not returned fully, but I feel more alive now. Thank you all for your sweet wishes. I am sure that is what made me feel better so quickly! I have been out of my craft room for the whole week, and I have several swaps to finish up. Can you hear my sewing machine running all weekend long? I can!!!

When I got home Sunday (right before the plague reared it's ugly head) I discovered two great packages: my Bend-the-Rules placemat and napkin swap and my One Atomic Summer Swap from the Atomic Housewives group. Let me tell you this kids - I have been in several swaps lately - and I have been getting screwed over. Almost to the point to make me want to swear swaps off for awhile - but I will push on with a positive attitude!! I was jipped 3 (THREE) aprons and one package of Fat Quarters. Where is the justice? Anyway - these two swaps sure helped me cope with frustration.

The BTR swap placemats look like this:

Aren't they great? I wanted country looking placemats to match my cowboy items I have for dinner parties. They will look great! Thanks so much to my partner for such great work. These placemats will last forever!!

One Atomic Summer Swap:

What a delight to receive Merry Moon - my previous partner for an Atomic Housewives swap. She is a fantastic swap partner and makes her partners feel like the luckiest person alive!! Check out the goodies I received:

How fantastic is that apron and it is all mine!!! We are having a dinner party Saturday night..... can you guess which apron I will be wearing???? I will get the husband to take some photos!!

So - needless to say - these two packages really made my day and made me feel better about swaps. I am sure we have all been stiffed once or twice from a swap. Why do people have to do that? I am late on a couple of my swaps since the plague visited us here, but my projects will be completed!!!

See you this weekend with some photos of my projects.........finally after weeks of promising!!


  1. I am glad to hear you are feeling better! Sorry that you've gotten skunked with some swaps. It doesn't take away from the fact that you made your partners feel special with the lovely thing YOU made and sent.

  2. Glad to hear you are up and at 'em again! Yeah!
    Hate you got jipped.....which swaps? That is NUTS.
    I am glad that the 2 swappers who came thru did such a WONDERFUL job for you.....I love all those goodies!

    Also...Don't forget to stop by....I'm having a giveaway on my blog! You could WIN an apron!

  3. So happy to see you perky again! I love reading your posts because you always sound so upbeat. I hear you on the swaps....I've had bad luck with a few myself. I don't know if it's the post office screwing up or what because the ladies have been in contact with me and offering to send replacements. Hate to make people go through all that work again!

  4. I adore the print on your new apron. What a delightful treat!

  5. Glad to see you're back on your feet!
    Sorry you got jipped. I've been there, it's no fun. But we must put that behind us and stitch on!!


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