July 20, 2008

Snake Bite Update

My friend Lori was over at my house last night for dinner and her little foot is still quite swollen. I can't even describe to you the picture of what her foot looked like right after the snake bite! I can only describe the picture as looking totally unreal and almost like a prop from a CSI show. Her foot has improved MAJORLY since the incident, but she still has some healing to do. She is still swollen, on crutches and unable to drive herself. Thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers for my friend. She appreciated all of your thoughts and prayers! I know your prayers are what helped my friend require no surgery or loss of a limb. The doctors told her she was VERY lucky. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends all over America! Thanks everyone!!


  1. I'm so glad your friend is on the mend and recovering!

  2. yeah! I'm so glad she is getting better! Thanks for the update!


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