August 30, 2012

Dining Room/Coffee Table Makeover


The dining room set and light fixture

We rent and therefore, you can do little changes to your place without taking down walls etc.  Our landlord is great and allows us to paint, etc.  I have hated the light fixture since we moved in. I hate the carpet too, but that's another topic for another day :).  I love our dining room set but always wanted it to be black.  Here is the middle process.  We still need to seal it - but it is almost done. I reupholstered the pads several months ago, but now they look perfect with the set.

(Ignore the hubs in the background doing laundry!!) The round table is the coffee table, I forgot to take a before photo.  The little triangle around the table are little stools to sit on. I am in the process of changing those too.  The table was brown with leather. I got the table for free from MIL but I hate brown.  So, we are making it work.  Pictures to follow soon of the coffee table.  We also got a new rug:

We got a new run in the living room and moved the gray one to the dining room.  Once the pads are on the stools it will be complete. I still need a gray sectional for the living room but that is one taking some time to find exactly what I want and in our budget range :).

The light fixture up close on the box.  Love this and got it for $25 at Lowe's.  We have placed the old light fixture in the closet should our landlord want it placed back up when we leave (why, I would never know???).  As you can see in the above photos that the hook was placed in a strange place to hang a light fixture.  That is next on the hubs list to move the light fixture actually over the table. It will be so fantastic when it is all complete.

I have some general accessories to still find and I am working on a table runner for the dining room to bring color in. I love black and grays - but I know I need to bring some punch in.  Updates coming as soon as I can find what I like!


  1. That change is such a difference! I love what you did! I too would love a black DR set but scared to paint...did you sand first? What paint did you use?

  2. Thanks Karen! I actually did not sand first as my husband was unsure how much would be too much to take off. I did use an oil based primer first and tinted it as gray as the paint desk could make it. I used oil based paint too and then sealed with a poly. I probably shoukd have done more than one coat of poly but I wasso ready to be done and put my house back together. Let me know if you try it - I would love to see what it looks like when you are done!!!


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