November 18, 2008

A is for: Apron, A green tip and Aunt Tracey

I received my apron from the Flirty Apron Swap and it is awesome!! My camera is charging, so allow me to use the original picture that shows my partner modeling the apron!

I received the red and black one. Gorgeous? I know! I LOVE IT!! Thanks Shelley!

Green Tip:
My husband and I were discussing what to do to make our Christmas gift sharing more green this year and I came up with this idea ( most likely not original - but hey - it's the point that counts!!). Instead of wrapping gifts this year with tons of wrapping paper that gets torn off and trashed - we are going to package our gifts in Recycled Reusable Grocery Bags!

We purchase our bags from either Whole Foods or Central Market for only $1.00 usually. They also come in small and large sizes. Instead of using tissue paper, we are going to stuff dish towels in the top like you would tissue paper. I am hoping to customize dish towels with fabric for each family member. Some fabric that reminds me of my relatives. For example, my one brother-in-law likes the Texas Longhorns. Might make for a fun towel to use when cooking out during the summer - right? Not only will my family get gifts, but they will get reusable grocery tote bags and a dish towel. We can all use those items, right? It is like giving a Christmas gift to Mother Earth. Do you have any green tips for making Christmas more Earth Friendly?

Aunt Tracey:

I found the greatest gifts I am going to attempt to make for my niece and nephew for Christmas.

I found this AMAZING tutorial on UK lass in US blog and I cannot wait to make one for my niece. My niece LOVES animals, so I decided the barn would be appropriate! I plan on buying some plastic animals for her to use in her new barn. I am not creative enough to sew animals!!You must go check out UK's Blog. She is one creative Lass!

I am making this dragon for my nephew. You can buy this pattern for only $10.00! I know! You can purchase the pattern on NoseyNest. She has some great items for sale if you are still looking for some ideas for your nieces and nephews!!

Keep your fingers crossed that Aunt Tracey can successfully complete these projects with little to no cussing, throwing of items and yelling matches with the sewing machine!!!


  1. That dragon is the cutest! I have a little nephew that just might love that:)

    Good "green" idea! Might have to make/stock up on some cool reusable bags:)

  2. Love the apron, love the little barn and love the dragon! Love it all! I can't wait to see the finished product! You've got a lot to do!

  3. great idea about the grocery totes....and especially if you use decent looking ones :-)

    I love the gifts you are planning on sewing. And that APRON is gorgeous....I'm sure it looks beautiful on you.


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