November 2, 2008

Fabric Selvages Needed!!!

Photo borrowed from Oh, Fransson!

I am working on several projects which include the use of selvage. I need some help!! I have a bit of a collection but I need some more! If anyone has some selvage they would be willing to donate to me or if you are willing to collect selvage for me, please let me know! You can just leave a comment under this post. I can contact you to get details! I appreciate your help!!


  1. Hi Tracey,
    Just had to say hi to another Tracey who spells her name the same as me :)
    Love y;'alls Velam and Shaggy Costumes!

  2. Sounds interesting, what will you be making with them? I can probably gather a few for you of my own fabrics.


  3. Okay, so this is getting a bit weird, first Hi, I'm Tamara from Melbourne Australia, I found you via 'i'm a ginger monkey' where we have just discovered that we both selected the same photo of 'Obama' (check it and you will see what I mean) and now this selvedge thing - I am collecting the same thing for a project I am working on...and here I was thinking I was sooo I'm guessing this is all because super creative minds think alike:)

  4. I can help with selvages... Do you need them asap, or just want us to save them for a while...

  5. Glad they arrived safely! Can't wait to see what you do with them:)


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