November 30, 2008


I wore my brand new Flirty Apron Swap apron for Thanksgiving while I set the table and served!
My mom and my husband's mother came and joined us for Thanksgiving!

Here we are tearing into the chow!

When we were home for my Grandfather's funeral I got to take napkin ring holders that were passed down in the family.

I was able to take them because my mom's maiden name started with a "W" and my married name starts with a "W". The napkin rings made the table look great.
It was a great visit with family and a fun time!


  1. I think your China is the same as mine... Everything looked lovely. Remember the Thanksgiving in Arkansas...swinging from the trees, etc.?

  2. yone looks so happy.........and I love the napkin holders...what a wonderful keepsake :-)

  3. Grandma would be proud of you not only using her napkin holders but sharing them for others to see. Had a great time over Thanksgiving...can't wait to see you again at Christmas.


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