November 30, 2008

More gifts completed!!

Burp cloths for my friend Becky - her baby comes tomorrow!!! 7 done - 4 more to go. I better hurry with those last few. I have to finish the snaps on her 6 bibs too. Holy smokes - I need more hours in the day! Take a look:


  1. oh so cute! You're flying! Keep it up - just don't sleep, you can sleep over the holiday ;)

  2. I cant believe how much sewing you have been doing. I thought I was doing good by getting a few patterns cut out. I would need to finish sewing them up in order to be on your level. I dont know how you do it while keeping everything so darn cute!

  3. those burps cloths are PRECIOUS! the fabric choices are wonderful....drool never had it so good!


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