November 10, 2008

Tracey's To Do List

I have a lot to do and I hope a lot of pictures to post the next couple of weeks here on the blog. This semester has been so difficult to make time to sew on top of everything else I am doing. SO - to help give me a kick in the pants to get started and see what all I need to do, I am going to post my to do list on the side. If you don't see progress listed in the next couple of weeks, you have my permission to harrass me!!!!! I was so sick this past weekend that I lost a lot of valuable time being able to sew because all I did was COUGH. I hate coughing. OK - off to make my list to the side. Get ready to harrass me!


  1. I'll give you a push if you give me a push? OK? I need to get finished up on so much.
    I have mailed out my WTP III package though - WHOO!!!!!

  2. Your to-do list is nearly as long as mine! Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Oh no you are running a bit behind aren't you girl. I always thought I was two steps forward and 3 behind myself.. until I saw your list. I am only needing to catch up on 6 Christmas stockings and then I am done .. finished all my swaps for this year :) But its sad too. Oh silly me I forgot about my slipper swap I am hosting.. how could I forget that????
    Any way I hope your feeling better and school is not bogging you down on your sewing too much.. Hugs


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