March 2, 2008

Finished Craft Space

I organized the craft area today. All that is left is to paint, but that won't be for another several weeks. I was able to organize all my fabrics, get my metal racks organized and get a real flow going. Here are a couple of pictures:My metal racks hold my patterns, materials, ribbons, sewing basket, scissors, markers, buttons and cross stitch items. I have ideas for dresses I would like to make later above the racks. My AWESOME apron from the swap I was just in hangs on the edge so I can wear it while I craft. I LOVE IT!!!

My desk houses more fabric in the large drawer on the bottom, small items and pins in the top drawer, my sewing machine and my journal of ideas. Under the desk I have stowed my scrapbooking bag, yoga mat, iron and a basket of odds and ends. My favorite fleece cowboy pillow rests in the corner for a color splash and for my personal enjoyment. I bought that- didn't make it!!!!! On a fun recycling note, on top of the desk I took three old prescription bottles and covered them with fun paper. I am using them to store things such as my crochet needles.

The bookshelf was made by my grandpa - so it is the most valuable part of my collection. It houses my craft books, old recipe books, scrapbooks and stamps inside my chest. The picture was purchased for me from my dear friend Mindy because it looks just like my dog - Grissom. Mom bought me the dog on a stick (that sounds gruesome doesn't it?) for Christmas because it looks like Grissom as well.

I plan to put pictures of items that encourage my creativity above the bulletin board, but that will also be a couple weeks in the working. I love my area and cannot wait for the hours that will be spent in there creating items that make myself and others happy. Enjoy!


  1. Looks great. I love the big will be perfect for cutting out patterns and such! Happy Sewing!


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