March 18, 2008

How Do I Know My Husband Loves Me?

Because he let me do this to him:
My favorite part of the picture is the tough guy face he has on. I needed to make sure that the materials looked okay before starting to sew, and I needed a model. My hope is if I do this enough to him maybe one day I will come home and find a dress form in the corner. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Thank you Bart for letting me post this. I am sure many women will be envious I have a husband who supports my sewing addiction! He looks cute in cupcake material, right ladies? Help me out!!!! ** Tell everyone you know to check out my husband and let's see how many comments I can get on how cute he is. Maybe if we all flatter him, that dress form will find a new home WINK WINK***


  1. I AM DYIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is one hunk of a man.........and he really DOES LOVE YOU!
    I think this is one of those pictures that belongs on a Hallmark card with some funny saying........I mean it.
    Too funny...........
    The whole family had to come see what I was howling about...........

  2. Hey I'll post anything to help a friend get a dress form. I think my husband would get me one to keep pictures off the net.

  3. You better keep this one - cute AND willing to model for you! Hmmm, now I'm wondering if this is the reason my hubby bought me a dress form a few years ago...

  4. OMG !!!!!!!!
    David would do this for Vanessa ... im sure of it
    Maybe you all can get together and start a trend ??? so funny :]
    What a great Hubbie you have ~

  5. Too Sexy!!! Bart is a real man if lets you do this. I think I would have to pay Luke to actually do this. ha! :-)

    Note: are a real sweetie to let Tracey use you as a model. I think she is hinting loud and clear what she wants. At least you have no doubts in your mind what she wants. lol

  6. I always knew I had a great son-in-law, but this confirms it! Thank you for loving my daughter so much.

  7. Poor Bart. Handsome as ever--even in cupcakes.

  8. Oh Bart! You really WEAR that apron! Next time drop the t-shirt, I think it takes away from the cupcakes. Hee Hee! Good Husband!!!! Love, Suzy the "Q"

  9. oh yeah, he's rocking that cupcake material. that apron is bad ass!

  10. My friend Mindy sent me an email telling Bart he has nice knees. I knew the ladies would like my husband :)

  11. Ha! That's great! I'm assuming he's got shorts on, but it makes a pretty skirt on him! Good luck with the dress form, Tracey! :)

  12. Oh this is way too Funny and Cute. Sheenna

  13. Looks like you already have a "dress form"! What a sweet hubby!

    Stop on by anytime. I'll make you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up.

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