March 14, 2008

Apron Madness

This weekend's agenda includes working on two aprons. The first is my apron for my partner participating in the Flirty Apron Swap and the other is for Havana Nights Tie One On Project. The pattern I am using for the FAS apron is:

I am using the middle pattern for my partner's apron and here are the materials I am using:

The Havana Nights Material is:

The pattern I am using for the Havana Nights Theme apron is: I didn't use this one. I didn't like the pattern when I cut it out (not the frilly one, i can't wait to make that one). I also fell in love with my partner's apron, so I decided to go back and make my own!!!

I am making the apron that the lady in the blouse and jeans is wearing in the sketch. Fun!!

Watch the blog for progress!!!


  1. I finished my FAS apron last night. I still have to find some little kitchen do-dad. It felt so good to have it completed. Can't wait to see yours! So are we supposed to send our aprons as soon as we finish? I need to get rid of this thing before I get too attached.


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