March 12, 2008

Birthday Presents

I got these two gifts from my mom for my birthday. I love them! They are bright and fun. I had a girl at Starbucks tell me that my coat made her happy. It makes me happy too!


  1. Hey Tracey, Happy Birthday! Oh to be 31 again... I love the fabric you purchased. I would say an apron or bag. The apron should be flat on the front-like a chef's apron in order to see the great print. My daughter, Traci would love that fabric-she's really into the retro look. Hope you have a great day-are you going to celebrate?

  2. The jacket is so cute! No wonder it makes the Starbucks girl so happy!
    Where did your mom get it? I might have to get one so we can be long-distance twinkies :)

  3. I got the jacket at JCPenney's. Go get one so we can be twinkies. I feel like Mary Tyler Moore everytime I put it on. I want to throw a hat in the air and circle around in the streets. Maybe if you get one we can both stand in the streets outside of our houses and throw hats in the air!!!!

  4. You have such a wonderful mom! =)

    Especially since you weren't to get anything for your birthday due to the big Christmas gift I got you! Oh well, we both knew I would never hold to that!


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