March 25, 2008

When School Goes Bad.......

Today was not a good day in my class at school. Rather than let myself get down in the dumps - I decided to work it out! My husband usually puts together items around the house. I have a wonderful husband as many of you have previously seen and he really does treat me well. He will frequently do what he knows would make me happy, runs out to get me candy bars at 10pm at night and lets me post pictures of him on my blog! I will get into a pattern where I will let him do everything, but tonight, I did for myself!! I am woman - hear me roar. I assembled a red file cabinet to store my craft fabrics, scraps and whatever else needs a home. I got the unit from IKEA which many of you may know requires studying pictures with no words! After an hour, I had hammered, screwed, pushed and folded the entire file cabinet ALL BY MYSELF. It was just what I needed. I feel so competent - what else can I do? Where is my husband's car???? :)


  1. are you a school teacher?

    as for the cabinet. Did they give you all the nuts and bolts? I always but the kits that have ONE component left out! arghhh!

    But....the cabinet looks good and I'm sure you've already got it organized!

  2. Wow, I figured it would be this weekend before you guys put it looks great.


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