March 16, 2008

Friends and Husbands

Well, I didn't get a thing done this weekend for sewing, however I spent all of Saturday with my husband running errands and celebrating my birthday since it fell during the week! As much as I love crafting and sewing it was wonderful to spend some alone time together perusing books at the library and going out to dinner to celebrate my birth. We laughed, he took me to JoAnn Fabrics and spent time with me looking around and he bought me the best book for my birthday. My book has a different cover but it is the same book. I LOVE the 50s pinup girls and this was one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me. I couldn't stop smiling and holding it last night. It looks fantastic on my craft table. (NOTE TO PARENTS: Even though the book is filled with just drawings, there are some pictures showing breasts. You may not want it on your coffee table!!!). Take a look at The Great American Pin-Up on Amazon. Thank you Bart for giving me a wonderful gift!

I also spent today going to JoAnn Fabrics with friends today. We have decided to start getting together and spend time crafting. Today was spent picking out patterns, material, cutting patterns and fabric out. It was a blast. Now, I have to play catch up, but I wouldn't change my weekend if I had the chance. Sometimes it is just a good idea to slow down, enjoy people and give yourself a chance to really miss sewing. I did just that!!!

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