March 13, 2008

My friends are winners!!!

Okay, that might sound like a hokey commercial doesn't it, but I mean something different. I decided to sign up for two different apron swaps for the first time the last couple of months. Well, I encouraged some friends to join me too. I joined the Sassy Apron Swap and the Flirty Apron Swap. My sister-in-law, Kristen, won the SAS giveaway and my friend, Elisa, won the FAS. How funny is that? So, if you are wanting to win a giveaway - let me know and I will refer you. I am a lucky charm I guess! HA! I have a picture of Elisa from FAS and Kristen promises to send me a picture of the apron she chose when she receives it.

While we wait for that apron, here is the apron Kristen received from her Sassy Apron Swap partner. Cute isn't it?

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