March 1, 2008

New Craft Desk

I was able to find a desk to use as my craft table and I am pumped. It came it pretty good condition but had been gently used. I went and purchased contact paper from target to cover up the imperfections and give the desk some life. The desk came with a power strip attached so I actually have several outlets to plug items in.
I have had a bulletin board that has been mine since I was in Jr High. I took some of the contact paper and made a border to pull the table and the bulletin board together. I am still organizing my metal rack and materials. I hope to finish that all by tomorrow. Once that is all organized, I will have to paint the wall in a couple weekends when I finish some sewing projects.
I am so happy to finally have my own area to work in. I decided to use green and red because those colors remind me of Christmas and I am the happiest and most creative around the holidays. I will be adding some splash of yellow in too, so that will break up Christmas some!! No more dragging stuff out to the dining room table!!! I will try to post some pics tomorrow of the finished product.

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  1. I'm impressed. So did you move the bookshelves? Glad I wasn't there!


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