March 13, 2008

Pattern organization Project

Yesterday was project day but I only got one accomplished. However, I feel like it was quite the feat and something I had to do before I could really sit down and sew in my new craft space. I have my patterns stored in a container on my craft rack:

My patterns have never been organized.... UNTIL NOW! Here is how I cataloged the patterns on my computer.

First, I opened a folder underneath my personal files and selected Pictures:

Then I created a PATTERNS file:

Then I took an individual picture of each pattern I owned making sure that I could see the number of each one:

Once I downloaded all my patterns into the computer, I labeled each one as the number and brand. For the one shown above, I labeled it as 9664 SC (S=simplicity and C= to tell me it was a classic pattern or an older one! On all of my more current patterns I just have an S after them). I then separated each pattern into smaller categories such as Pants, Dresses, Tops etc....

And PRESTO... when you open up each folder by pattern topic you can find all of my patterns listed by number and company. I figured this would make it easier to find patterns or to see if I have a certain pattern that would match a fabric I have found!

Now I have the patterns organized in my container matching the list in each folder on my computer. I am hoping this saves me time as I am looking for something specific!!

It took me probably about 3 hours to do - which some of you are saying "I wish I had 3 hours". If you can't allot that much time - try to strive to do 5 a day or 5 a weekend until you are done. I only completed mine at one time because I have perfectionist tendencies and I have about 5 more organization projects on my list I want to complete before really starting my sewing projects. Good Luck and let me know if any of you have a different system or incorporate a system. I would love to see how different minds work!!!


  1. OMGosh, I thought I was do the whole computer AND file system?

  2. That is amazing Tracey. Doesn't everyone just dig through a big box and think to themselves: "I know I have a pattern for _______ somewhere in here?!" I just found my sewing gauge that I've been looking for, under Jack's Monster Truck poster. Anyway, can I rent you for a weekend?


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