March 31, 2008

Package Completed and Mailed

I did it!!! I finished the Flirty Apron Swap last night at 12:30am. That includes the apron and the packaging. I can't put too many pictures up yet, just in case my partner stops by. There are a few that I could show you possibly. Let me at least tell you what I did. I made a full bib apron and the theme I chose for my partner's packaging and other gifts included was a Bakery Theme. I can't wait to show you everything, but I have to wait until she receives the packaging to go into detail. Even though I had to make a second apron because my dog destroyed the first, I still had a blast and would do it again. Now comes the agonizing part of a swap - WAITING! I cannot wait to see her response. Hope she loves it. Here are the couple of photos I can show you!

My husband offered to model the finished product this time. I have a sneaky suspicion the voluntary response was because of a certain amount of "ladies comments" he so enjoyed!!! Don't you love how his hair looks like two devil horns!!

I put the cupcake material on two towels I purchased for my partner. It was kind of fun to make the towels. I have more to show you, but I can't spoil it for my partner. Hopefully in less than a week I will have the rest of the photos up. Can't wait to show you how I packaged it!


  1. looks SO CUTE! And I love the towels.......your partner is so lucky!

  2. I can't believe you finished on time! I LOVE how the apron turned out and those towels are darling.

  3. Awesome job! Does this mean Grissom is ungrounded????

  4. How the heck did you get your husband to put on that apron??! I love it!!

    As for the Alexander Henry fabric -- the girls -- got it on Ebay, but it turned out to be a much bigger piece of fabric
    (actually two pieces) than I anticipated. How much do you need? I'd been
    happy to send some to you!! Just send me your addy and the amount and I'll get it out the door!

    Your room sounds so cool. I just love the pin up girls!


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