March 18, 2008

Big Talker

Yesterday I worked my sewing machine out. I finished one apron, started another apron and made myself a little placemat to set my sewing machine on. Of course, when I was getting the most tired, my sewing machine kept making a thread mistake (hello seam ripper). I was getting so frustrated that I finally said "If you don't get your act together machine, I am going to throw you in a landfill where no one will ever use you again!". Now my green friends, you can relax - I wouldn't dream of throwing my sewing machine in the landfill - but it worked!! No more mess ups. Some may suggest it was the operator of the machine - but let's be honest - how many times have you messed up on a project just to scream at your machine?

The best part of the whole tirade was realizing I was sitting at my craft desk with the blinds open screaming at a machine. The local psychiatric ward has not made an appearance yet on my front door step - but the day has only just begun!!!

Am I the only yeller or are there more of you out there?


  1. I hate ripping out seams!!! and no you're not the only yeller. It's good therapy.

  2. David was so excited when I moved my sewing activities upstairs. Saves him from my angry expletives directed at my sewing machine. You are not only, sister!

  3. While I do not sew, so I don't yell at my sewing machine. I work all day on a computer and since I'm going for my degree spend alot of time at night on a computer, so that is what I yell at when things don't go as I think they should. Sorry, sounds like it may be passed down through generations in our family!


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