May 22, 2008

Apron Angels and Donkeys

While I am busy working at JoAnn like a crazy and won't be crafting until this weekend - check out two things you can do to help fellow crafters!

My dear, sweet friend Lucy is asking for help from apron lovers abroad. Her community was recently hit by a tornado and wreaked a TON of havoc. She is asking for women to make and mail her some aprons to hand out to the victims of the tornado. She said their basic needs are being met, but what happiness aprons are bringing to those who have been affected by the tornadoes. Check out more information here - if you would like to help!

My other sweet friend, Valerie, told me about another great cause collecting aprons. Check out Donkey Dreams. She is collecting aprons to sell for a fund raiser to help support therapy using donkeys. These donkeys are used to help autistic children and more. Take a look and see if you can schedule some time to make an apron to donate to her organization!

Thanks for your help!

1 comment:

  1. you are such a good friend to do that for everyone! Thank you.....

    don't be too busy tomorrow to stop by and see my 100th post...nothing fancy but there is a give-away! :-)


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