May 1, 2008

Fellow Crafters: I Need Your Help!

I have become GREAT friends with Val over at Yarni Gras!. She is a wonderful person, a superb mom, and such a great friend. Her daughter has followed in her mom's foot steps and is quite the creative genius! If you wouldn't mind taking the time to look at her daughter's blog - I would so appreciate it. We all know how much crafting and creating means to us. We are such lucky people to be able to create and have communities to share our artwork with, and with that I feel we need to encourage the crafters who will come after us!!! I love sewing so much and I have a hope that one day my nieces and nephews will enjoy creating whatever they find their joy in doing. Thanks for taking the time to encourage and uplift future crafters in the making!!!


  1. way to support the youth craft uprising! : )

  2. Gosh, I can't thank you enough. I was too dense to do a post like that. I will rectify it though! I sincerely appreciate it! 8-)


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