May 13, 2008

Atomic Housewife Swap: Completed

Atomic Housewife Swap is done! I made a clothespin apron for my partner. There is a reason I chose a clothespin apron, but I can't share that secret yet, because my partner would know who she is. I hope she enjoys the happiness this apron screams. I took this pattern from the A is for Apron book. It was a cinch! I cut and completed the entire apron in one hour. I would highly recommend it for anyone. The book calls for bias tape to be used, but I felt with the bubbles - there was enough activity. I was afraid to add anything else to the mix. I am also including clothespins (of course!!) so my partner can hang up her clothes or her aprons out to dry!!


  1. That apron is *so* cute. I am a huge fan of my clothesline. I have a clothespin holder that looks like a little dress on a hanger that belonged to my husband's grandma (which is easy to move down the line as I hang) but the apron is so cute....I've got to make one. I'll be looking for that book tomorrow at the library. Well, maybe one day I'll have tons of free time and try to make a pattern/tutorial for the clothespin holder that I have so others can enjoy it as well.

  2. Nice, and usefull looking apron!

  3. This is sooo cute! I'm not a hang your clothes out on the line person, too many bugs in my back yard for that, but I still love the apron!

  4. I LOVE always find the CUTEST polka dotted fabric! no fair!

  5. I'm the lucky atomic housewife swap partner!!! I read your blog regularly and was jealous when I read what she was going to get. Your package was such a sweet package to open with the notions you added. I will be careful of the amount of hot sauce I use in the recipe.....Thank you Tracey, you are very sweet in the time and care you take in putting together your gift.


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