May 20, 2008

Fabric Scrap Swap

*****Look for new blog posts until May 20th below!!!!*****

I am hosting a Fabric Scrap Swap here on my blog. I did this recently through swap bot and had a good time, but wanted a little more fabric. So here are the rules:

* If enough people sign up, you will receive two partners

* You must mail at least 10 pieces of scrap fabric, but if you can aim for 15 to 20 - even better. Try to be generous to your partners!

* The smallest amount of scrap can be 5 x 5 and the largest should be around a fat quarter or a 1/4 a yard size. Your goals is to send enough fabric that your partners could use it make something smaller or use the fabric in addition to another fabric they are using!! Try to avoid small quilt pieces!

* You must include at least 3 notions (ribbon, buttons, rick rack, lace, ruffles, Velcro, elastic, etc)

This is a chance to really clean out some of the fabrics you have used on projects, but aren't sure what to do with the leftovers. Please send nice material and make sure it is clean! This is a chance to share some of your nice fabrics with other friends and receive the same in return!!!

DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: Tuesday, May 20th (in honor of my Grandpa's Birthday)

PARTNERS ASSIGNED: No later than Wednesday May 21st

PACKAGES MAILED BY: Wednesday, June 18th or sooner (in honor of my Niece's and BIL's birthday)

What I need in your email:

Your Name, Your address, Your email (for my purposes- I won't hand it out), Your blog or website, anything else you want your partner to know, and if I can put a link to your blog on my blog (if you prefer privacy - I understand!!)

Contact me at with your information and any questions!

Sign up and join me in the fun!!!!!


  1. I'm in, too! I'm e-mailing you.

  2. I'm in, too! I just e-mailed you! I don't know my "blog" address, but I will figure it out.

  3. sounds fun - I'll have to check my fabric stash :)

  4. I just put a link on my page. I hope that you get lots of people I can hardly wait. I am going to have to see how big some of my stuff is. I quilt so I have some small stuff, but I also have big stuff that would be fun to have someone else do something with. Thank you for doing this!

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  6. I've emailed too. I am a sucker for more fabric!


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