May 2, 2008

My First Day At JoAnn

Whew............... I am pooped. I go back for another day tomorrow and then I am off until Thursday. Which is good, because I have TONS of sewing to do. I have class Monday night and then I am out for summer (Thank God). I observed and did a little work on the registers, so I think tomorrow I will be hitting the fabric counter - ON A SATURDAY. SCARY!!!!!! Wish me luck everyone. I am ready to take a couple days and rest. They wore me out and I hardly did anything. Oh boy!!


  1. that's retail for you! Get ready for foot rubs! 8-)
    You'll be fine. Being busy is much better than not. Just get some rest and don't be too hard on yourself.
    I'm hopefully sewing all day tomorrow so I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Nothing like being on your feet all day! Hope you have a great fabric cutting day.

  3. Good luck! We where just there today, not yours, and it was slow at the cutting table, but it can get crazy!


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