May 5, 2008

When Bags Attack!

What a night!!!!! I finally finished my Bend The Rules Swap Bag and the bag is going in the mail tomorrow to never return to this house again!! At some point during the sewing project, the bag broke my foot lever. I went berserk!!! My husband stepped in and fixed the foot. The best part in his opinion is when I started crying and hugging him with so many thanks that he fixed my machine for me. All you ladies know the panic that sets in when you think your machine might be broken. I am waiting until Christmas to get a new sewing machine, so there is no option - my machine must last until then. Now that my machine works again, I finished the bag and here it is: (Not bad for my first handbag ever I think)

We seem to have a lot of attacks around here, don't we? We had the bag attacking my machine and remember this? This family needs some serious counseling!!!!


  1. soooooooo cute. The emboridery work is lovely. At least your pooch didn't EAT the foot lever. Yikes!

  2. This is really so sweet. Your partner is going to love it. I love the soft colors and your embroidery work. My second one was much smoother if that is any consolation--but it sounds like you aren't ready for another one just yet. Are you going to do the FAS again? I really want to, but it may line up too much with the SAS. If you're doing both, I will too. :)

  3. Your first handbag turned out great! Of course now you need to get it in the mail before your dog eats it!!! I can't believe that happened to your apron!


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