May 14, 2008

Atomic Housewife Status: Here I come!!!!

What a partner I caught this time around!! She was wonderful. Wait until you see all she put in my package. It was like Christmas. Items kept coming out of the box. I love it!!! Check out the album below to see what all was in my box! Here is what I got: an apron, table runner and crocheted square, retro cookbook, retro recipe cards, desserts made out of felt, two glass plates and mugs, a HUGE recipe card all decorated out, and 5 lipsticks. The sad part was one glass broke in the mailing (sad!!!!). I am a definite retro housewife!! Thanks Heather!!


  1. What a package. Your partner really put in a lot of goodies. The apron is so cute...

  2. Looks like a fun package. Swaps are so much fun. I tagged you for a meme. You can check out details at my blog if you're interested. Have a great day!

  3. very nice. I really like the 'pimped out' recipe cards! So....have you made anything with your new cookbook?


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