May 25, 2008

Organized And Ready To Sew

Organization Complete!!! My craft room was a nightmare! I had been piling up stuff for about the last 10 days - with going out of town and working at JoAnn - I haven't spent the time I am used to in that room.

As you can tell with the metal racks, I added my fabric out on the rack instead of housing three containers on that shelf like I had before. I wonder if anyone else is like me..... you have had fabric for about 8 to 10 years and the only way to really use it up is to have the fabric out where it can be seen. I found some fabrics I forgot I had - and those fabrics will go well with some of the projects I am working on too! I have some old projects (will I ever finish them?) and cut out squares for a t-shirt quilt in one of the bottom containers. I have tiny scraps in another container on the bottom, and the bottom drawer on my desk has vinyl, tulle, and felt. Funny!

On a side note..... see the yellow bowl in the second picture? I started using the bowl for my scrap threads and trash like Rachael Ray does on her cooking show for her trash! I love just throwing things in the bowl and throwing everything out at the end of the day!

Now I am off to sew!


  1. everything looks so nice and neat and visible. I love your bowl idea. I just have a trashcan on the floor (sooooooooo yesterday...)

  2. I love it! It is so much nicer then my little space with everything stuffed in boxes;) Good for you.

  3. You make your mother proud! =)

  4. Wow it looks great! Now that your sewing area is organized, you can really enjoy sewing! I'd be embarrassed to show the mess in my craft area!!! I'm hoping that doing the fabric swap will help me clean it up. That's a project I hope to work on that tomorrow.

  5. I like the bowl idea, too. I just throw my sewing trash on the floor and vacuum at the end of the project. The other day after Addie crawled under my chair she looked like she'd grown a rainbow beard. :)


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