May 21, 2008

Fabric Swap Partners Sent

THE SWAP IS CLOSED!!!! All partners have been mailed to everyone. Each person is to mail to 2 people. Check your spam mail if you don't see an email from me. Remember you have until JUNE 18TH to mail the scraps to your partners. You don't have to wait until then - if you have the fabric and notions ready - mail it!!!

Make sure to include a note or card so your partner knows who sent the fabrics. I have attached a reminder in each email of the rules for what to send to your partners. Remember to be kind and send nice fabrics!!

Once you have received fabric scraps, please drop me an email so I know you have successfully received! Also, send me an email when you have sent the fabrics - just in case your partner contacts me concerned or curious!!

Thanks for joining the swap and enjoy! Try to keep your partner a surprise - but if you really want to make friends with them - go ahead and talk. It is up to you!!

Get cutting and swapping!! If you have any questions - please email me. I won't be home tomorrow until after 8pm but I will respond as soon as I get home from work! Thanks!

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