May 13, 2008

Something For Me

I have been slaving away on projects for so many other people that I took an hour and half to spend some time working on something for me. I am going home this weekend for my mom's birthday and wanted a fun outfit to wear. I had bought some pre-smocked dresses from JoAnn like a year ago. I never had sewn the straps on or sewn a hem around the bottom. That was all that was needed. On this dress.... it was to long for a short girl like me.

I have often stayed away from dresses like these since I carry a bit of weight. I feared someone asking me if I was expecting wearing this dress. Well, this summer, I decided no more! I will not be the one embarrassed or ashamed of my body and I will wear the dresses that I want to wear. If someone asks if I am expecting.... it is their own embarrassment to handle!!!! So, I trimmed the bottom up and took the left over scrap and turned it into a belt. I figured that way, it defines a waistline and draw the eyes away from the hips and gut!!!!
First step was to sew the side. Once that was completed, I added straps and hemmed the bottom of the dress. I then stitched up the belt and called it done! I love the way it turned out and can't wait to wear it. I have a yellow one similar to this to complete as well and I will have two new dresses!


  1. Very nice job. I'm proud of you. But this didn't keep you from making my present did it? =)

  2. Tracey,
    Good for you!! You've got more guts then me. I wish I could overcome that fear too. Those loose dresses would be sooo much cooler in the summer.

  3. so cute. You shouldn't be worried about your curves. I wish I HAD some!

  4. I love it and wear it and enjoy your curves!!!

  5. I love the sash--it really brings the whole thing together!

  6. This also would look so cute over your bathing suit at the lake...(hint, hint).


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