April 19, 2008

100th Post and A New Seat For The Throne

I have reached my 100th post with this message!! Crazy! Could it be any more fitting that my 100th post would have to do with a cushion I made this afternoon for my craft chair. I have a bar stool chair that I sit in when I sew because I like to be a little higher than my sewing machine. The downside to my chair is that it is plastic. OUCH!!! Hours spent on that chair hurt the tush (even though I have plenty of padding back there - do you hear me girls????). Christy from Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time was so generous and sent me some pin up girl material for me to utilize in my craft room. I knew as soon as I saw the fabric that I would make a cushion. I still need to pick up some more stuffing before I can sew the side up and use the cushion, but I at least made it. I won't have to sit on a pillow much longer that hangs WAY over the edges. Here is the process I used to make a cushion:

Cut out two circles (I used a bowl to help me out)

Cut and sew ONLY one end of side strips together. You want the other end open to pull through and turn right side out.

Cut tiny snips around edge of circle and attach with pins. Sew completely around the circle. Once finished with the top of cushion, attach bottom of cushion to strip and repeat.

Once sewn, cushion will look like this. Turn cushion right side out and stuff. Sew up open edge on side. You did it!!!

Now my cushion may seem thick, but I know two things: I want the cushion fluffy and the cushion will flatten as I sit on it!!. Once I run to the store and stuff some more filling inside, I will sew up the edge. I also plan to put a button in the middle on each side to help squeeze it down a little too. What a way to break in my 100th post. Back to work! More projects await completion!

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  1. very cute...love the material and your tush will thank you!


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