April 3, 2008

Flirty Apron Swap Partner

My partner's package is scheduled for delivery today - so I just can't wait anymore. Here is what my total packaging for the event looked like:

I went with a Bakery theme since my partner LOVED cupcakes. I named the Bakery "The Wilder Side Bakery" because my partner's last name was Wilder. I used a cake box to send the package in. Part of the requirements for this swap was to make an apron, add two recipes, and a kitchen gadget. I bought two towels and added the cupcake material onto the towels. I bought a cupcake book and the cups so she could also make her own cupcakes! The recipes were for two different types of cupcakes - one with a marshmallow topping - which I named "Heavenly Cupcakes". The second recipe was for cupcakes with vanilla ice cream topping which I renamed "Who Needs the Ice Truck Cupcakes".

I used the tags as "Price Tags" to make it like my partner owned her own successful Bakery business. On two of the price tags I added quotes (fake - of course) from New York Times, USA Today, and Martha Stewart. I made it where she had her own Home Line products, a book where she gets her inspiration and an Apron Line to "buy" aprons she wears.

It was so much fun and I can't wait for her to receive it today. I hope she enjoys everything. I had a blast - even if I had to make a second apron thanks to my dog (see some of the previous posts)! I will let you know how she liked it when I hear from her!


  1. Wow. This is an amazing package. I'm sure your partner will LOVE it.

  2. we think sooooooo much alike. It is awesome, packaging, extras, concept....perfection!

  3. I LOVED it so MUCH! You did such an amazing job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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