April 8, 2008

Tutu Crazy

Most of the hits I receive on my blog come from the No Sew Tutu I made for my niece. I received this idea from my friend Sarah (thanks Sarah!). My niece looked adorable in the tutu and I love that she has something to play with. I was talking this weekend with some of my family members about the ridiculous price stores ask people to pay for tutus. My mother-in-law actually saw a tutu for $54.00 and people buy those!!!! I have a tutorial on here about how to make the tutus. However, I have had a friend who doesn't want to make them but wants her daughters to have some. So - if you are crafty - tutu away. If not, I don't mind making them for people you know. I am going to set up something in an etsy shop, but I will only do custom orders. I don't want to make 50 tutus and have them take up space in my craft room!!! Pass the word around!!! NOTE: MY TUTUS WILL NOT COST $54.00 :)

1 comment:

  1. Well you have certainly come a long way since the Mickey pillow case you made me (which I still use all the time... LOVE IT!) Way to get creative and use your talents!!


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