April 15, 2008

BTR Bag - More Embroidery Success!!!

I am almost finished with the embroidery part of my BTR handbag. I won't get to start sewing until Saturday! I took the embroidery part with me to work tonight since it was a quiet night. The unfortunate part of my evening is that one of my favorite residents at the Independent/Assisted Living Community I work at passed away this morning. One of the other residents who normally sits with me in the evenings and keeps me company is in the hospital. So, I went from two guests spending the evening with me to no one. I found the embroidery to be a useful distraction for the loneliness of the evening. I added french knots to the end of each row. I am totally addicted to french knots now. This was my first time to ever make a french knot and now I am afraid I may go crazy with them. Here is a picture of the progress:


  1. I'm sorry you lost a friend. It must be difficult because you can't help but get attached.

    which home do you work with? I had a client out off 35...just wondering if it is the same one.

  2. I think embroidery (or knitting or crochet) can be relaxing and keep the fingers and mind occupied...

    I like french knots too. :) I'm embroidering a stole for my husband's ordination and I did lots and lots of french knots for the sheep's wool!

  3. Your embroidered stars are so cute. Your partner will love it.

    I am so happy the residents have you to befriend. I know you must be a bright spot in their day. Friendships are always worth the potential heartbreak...


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