April 22, 2008

Tire Marks Are Decorative, Right?

I have had the opportunity to make some new friends the last couple of days while working on my Pleated Bag Swap. The unfortunate part of that experience is that the bag was making me rip my hair out. Thanks to the wonderful ability of new friends to coach me in a couple of steps with the bag, I am back to seeing the end product. I believe myself to be more of a visual learner, although not 100%. I like to have written out directions, but then I want a picture for every step I am taking. Which in a book would most likely be impossible or a REALLY thick book, but alas, that is how I learn. So, I took a break yesterday from the bag to breathe and give us some time apart. I plan after school and work tonight to enter the craft room with a refreshed and willing attitude to tackle this project. In case this should back fire and I put the bag under my car and run over it a couple of times, I ask the question - "Tire marks are decorative, right?"!!!!!

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  1. Darn it! I'm sorry you are having frustration. We're off tomorrow on vacation, but call me on David's cell and maybe I can help? Let me know. I had the advantage of having my owl bag to reference--which helped me.


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