April 7, 2008

Patterns: 2 down, 1 to go

I cut out some patterns this weekend from two projects I plan on completing soon. The first one is the Messenger Bag from Montessori By Hand. I am making six bags for all the girls going on our family and friends cruise this summer.

The second pattern I cut out this weekend was for a craft apron I am making for myself. I always end up searching for my scissors, pins, etc, and I hadn't found the right pattern yet. Until Saturday! I visited a fabric place that was divine. I think I heard a chorus of angels when I entered through the door. The fabric store was FILLED with fabric and so many crafty women. I loved it! If you don't live here with me, but would like to peruse the fabric selection, check out the Cabbage Rose! I picked up The Seamstress Apron by Craft Apple. I cannot wait to make it. Here is what it looks like:

Instead of using pom poms on the bottom, I bought some red tulle to make the apron a little sassy!! Here are the fabrics I plan on using for my apron:

I am using some of my favorite fabrics I own PLUS the cherry material I won from the Flirty Apron Swap. I spent time cutting the pattern out for the craft apron too!

I used tissue paper to trace the pattern off of paper that came included in the pattern packets. I know how clumsy I can be, so once I cut the patterns out - I ironed interfacing on the back of each cutout to give a little more substance to work with. Now I hopefully won't tear up my patterns!! I used the cheap stuff you can get at JoAnn for $1.59!

Much of my weekend was spent on prep. For anyone who sews - you know that prep is the longest part to the sewing experience. Now - on to some projects finally!!!


  1. You were busy this weekend...ok I have to be mom here for a sec...you are getting your homework done too right? Smile!!!

  2. I am impressed.......I've never thought about using webbing to reinforce a pattern.....great idea.

    let me know how the bags go....I am ready to get that same pattern. Where did you get the apron pattern? cute!


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