April 10, 2008

Project Thursday

Today is my longest day of the week as I go to class and then straight to work for 5 hours. I will have a little time tonight to work on more projects (which still includes prep work - cutting out patterns from fabric for hours - Yuck!). This weekend we have some of my husband's family coming into town, so craft time will be limited. As well as the end of the semester papers are coming due (to the tune of 5 more papers to be handed in - double Yuck!). So, now begins time management for the next several weeks. I have to split my time amongst my husband, school, work, the search for a second summer job, crafts and my dog (especially the dog - we do not want any more apron attacks in this house!). I hope to post a little bit of progress on projects each day! We will see how effectively time management works for me. Only a couple more weeks and then school is out until the fall. YAY! As I have been doing housework in anticipation of visitors this weekend, I thought you would enjoy Grissom's - my dog- take on "helping with the laundry".

Oh - to have a dog's time management schedule. What a delight that would be!!! Usually I don't allow him to lay on our laundry but since it is only my robe and he is so cute - I decided to let this one pass. Enough procrastination - back to the cleaning! One of us has to fold the laundry in this house. Something tells me that I will be the one working - not a little black and white dog!


  1. too cute. Our dog Ginger likes to put her head in the dryer when I pull closes out OR when putting them in.
    I guess she likes the smell of clean laundry!!!

  2. He is the cutest granddog in the world! Hey you never helped with Laundry when you were growing up, so I think its fair he doesn't help you! =)


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